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We have translators available.  Who speak Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French and German.  All our lectures are presented in English.  Personal readings can be arranged with one of our translators.

لدينا مترجمين المتاحة. الذين يتحدثون الإيطالية والعربية والأسبانية والكاتالونية والبرتغالية والفرنسية والألمانية. يتم عرض جميع المحاضرات باللغة الإنجليزية لدينا. ويمكن ترتيب قراءات شخصية مع أحد مترجمينا.

Tenemos traductores disponibles. ¿Quién habla italiano, árabe, español, catalán, portugués, francés y alemán. Todas nuestras clases se presentan en Inglés. Lecturas personales se pueden arreglar con uno de nuestros traductores.







Each year, we take a small number of students on special expeditions, with our own team of guides and archaeologists.  We have hosted expeditions to the Strahov Monastery, Theological Library, Prague, Czech Republic; Karnac & Luxor Temples in Egypt;  Stonehenge & Avebury, England;  St. Mary’s Chapel near Aberfeldy, Scotland;  Rennes Les Chateaux, France;  Louvre Museum, Paris;  Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt;  Dendera, Egypt;  Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London;  British Library & the Kings Library, London;  Montserrat Monastery, near Barcelona, Spain;  Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet;  Khatmandu, Nepal and many other fascinating sites in the Ancient World.  Use the Contact & Booking form to tell us if you would like to attend our next Expeditions.  We shall be hosting special tours in Egypt with our own team of Egyptologists, visiting the great museums of Athens, Greece and the island of Patmos where the Book of Revelations was written, and also touring the Pyramids of Mexico.